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Want to calculate VAT? With our free VAT Calculator UK tool, you can easily find the VAT amount and the total price; our tool helps business people and individuals save time in calculation.

VAT, or Value Added Tax, is a tax on services or goods sold. VAT is remitted at every stage of the production of the product, from the raw material to the final product. Ultimately, the tax is borne by the end consumer.

History of VAT Rates UK

In 1973, the UK joined the European Economic Community and introduced a VAT tax to replace the existing purchase tax; at that time, the standard rate was 10%. Later, due to political and economic situations, the standard rate increased to 12.5%, further increasing to 15%.

The current VAT standard rate is 20%. However, certain products have only 5% vat, and some have 0% vat. Also, remember that the VAT rate may increase due to political, economic, and government policies.

VAT on Different Products & Food in the UK

The current standard VAT rate in the UK is 20%; a few goods, like children’s car seats, energy-saving materials, Women’s sanitary products, etc., have only 5% VAT. A few products have 0% VAT, like children’s clothing, public transportation, health prescription, etc.

The following tables mention the products with 20%, 5%, and 0% VAT.

Food Items with 20% VAT

Restaurant mealsFast food (e.g., burgers, pizza)Sandwiches and wraps sold in cafes or takeaway shops
Hot pastries (e.g., sausage rolls, pies)Takeaway curries and other hot mealsIce cream and gelato sold in shops
Chocolates and candies
Soft drinks with added sugar or sweeteners
Carbonated beverages (e.g., soda, fizzy drinks)
Fruit juices with added sugar or sweeteners
Alcoholic beverages (e.g., beer, wine, spirits)
Cocktails served in bars or restaurants
Ciders and perry
Energy drinks
Bottled smoothies and fruit juices
Ready-to-eat salads sold in cafes
Pizzas delivered or sold hot for immediate consumption.
Milkshakes sold in cafes or milkshake bars

Products with 5% VAT only

Energy-saving materials and installations (e.g., solar panels, wind turbines)Sanitary products (e.g., tampons, clean towels)Children’s car seats
Sanitary products (e.g., tampons, sanitary towels)Sanitary products (e.g., tampons, sanitary towels)Domestic fuel and power (e.g., electricity, gas) for qualifying households
Energy-efficient boilers and thermostatic controlsInsulation materials for residential useWomen’s sanitary protection products
Energy-saving light bulbsFirewood and domestic fuel for non-commercial useAdapted vehicles for disabled individuals

Products with 0% VAT

Basic food items, including fresh fruits and vegetablesBread and cerealsMeat, fish, and poultry
Dairy productsRice, pasta, and other grainsFlour and baking ingredients
Herbs, spices, and seasoningsVegetable oils and fatsTea and coffee
Bottled waterPrescription medications and drugsMedical equipment and supplies
BooksNewspapers and magazinesChildren’s clothing and footwear
Baby clothes and equipmentEducation and training servicesExports to non-EU countries

How Does the UK VAT Calculator Online Works?

Our tool is simple, accurate, and easy to use. However, it’s essential to have complete information on how it works. Just follow the following simple steps and start calculating VAT.

1- Visit our website,, from any browser (our website is user-friendly; you can use any browser like Chrome or Firefox.

2- You will find different VAT calculators like the Ireland VAT calculator and Scotland VAT Calculator; visit the required calculator.

3- Once you open the required calculator at the start of the article, you will find our tool. Our tool has three principal options: Amount, VAT percentage, and add and remove VAT option.

4- Now enter your desired amount in the amount section and select the option, i.e., remove VAT or Add VAT.

5- You will see the calculated amount on your screen once you click the Remove VAT or Add VAT option.

Our tool is 100% accurate; if you think it is showing the wrong value, we advise you to enter the desired amount again and let it calculate again.

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VAT Calculator Benefits

Add VAT Calculator

Now, let’s understand what adding VAT is. If you want to add VAT to your entered amount, you will use this option. For example, if you enter £100, the VAT rate is 20%. Your VAT amount will be £20, and your total (including VAT) will be £120.

Using the following formula, our add vat calculator will display the result.

VAT Amount = (20 / 100) x £100 = £20

VAT-inclusive Price = £100 + £20 = £120

Remove VAT Calculator

If you want to remove the VAT amount from your entered amount, you will use the Remove VAT option. Let’s understand it by an example: if you enter £100 and the VAT rate is 20%, your VAT amount will be £16.67, and your total amount (removing VAT) will be £83.33. 

VAT Amount = (20 / 120) x £100 = £16.67

VAT-exclusive Price = £100 – £16.67 = £83.33

VAT Calculator UK Features


Our tool is 100% accurate and gives you the correct calculations for adding or removing VAT from the entered amount. You can unthinkingly trust our tool, which has been tested many times and accurately delivers the right answer.


Everyone wants to save time; our tool gives you quick results, which help you save time from doing calculations.

Simplify the process

The best part of our tool is that it is simple and easy to use. Even users with little or no knowledge can use it without any guide.

No Sign-Up/login required

You must not log in or sign up to access our tool. With just a few clicks, you can generate the results.

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FAQs VAT Calculator

How do you calculate VAT easily?

To calculate VAT easily, you can use any VAT calculator tool online; ensure the tool is accurate and up-to-date.

What are VAT calculation rules?

This formula calculates VAT: “Total Price (including VAT) = Taxable Value + VAT Amount.” Our tool is based on this formula, which makes the calculations accurate.

Who pays VAT on goods?

VAT is paid at every stage of the production of the product, but ultimately, it is paid by the customer end.

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In conclusion, the online VAT calculator is a handy tool for individuals and business people who want to calculate VAT with just a few clicks. Our VAT tool is accurate and reduces the chances of any calculation error. The best thing about the tool is that it saves the individual’s time and makes the calculation process more efficient.

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