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Modern VAT Calculator

15% VAT Calculator is a free tool to calculate the 15% VAT on different products and services. It works by multiplying the VAT rate by the pre-taxable amount. The result you obtain will be the total amount of the product excluding or removing VAT.

Many vat tools are available online; some require login/signup, and some are free. Before choosing the 15 percent vat calculator, ensure the tool is accurate, efficient, and doesn’t require any signup/login. Our tool helps individuals and businesses make the calculation process easier and more accurate.

Countries With 15% VAT Rate

Following are the countries that currently have a 15% VAT rate. Remember that tax rates and policy changes over time; check only the VAT rates from the authentic and up-to-date website. Our team ensures that the data on our website will be up-to-date and accurate.

  • Ghana
  • Mauritius
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • Turkey

How to Use 15% VAT Calculator

Using the 15% VAT calculator is easy; one without prior knowledge can use it. Following are the steps you can follow to use this tool.

1- Enter the amount of the product or service in the amount section.

2- Set the VAT rate to 15%; by default, it is set to 15%, but if you want to increase or decrease the rate, you can do.

3- Third, you have to select the add or remove VAT option. Whether you want to exclude the VAT from the amount or include select the option depends upon your requirement.

4- Hit the Calculate button; as you hit the button, the calculator will display the total amount, including or excluding VAT.

This tool saves you time and ensures that your calculated amount is accurate and there is no chance of error.

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In conclusion, a 15% VAT calculator not only saves individuals’ time but also minimises the risk of errors. You can repeat the process by entering the new amount if you have multiple products or services.

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