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Want to calculate France’s VAT? With our free France VAT Calculator, you can easily calculate it. One can easily add or remove French VAT using this calculator. Our tool is 100% free and use friendly one can use it without prior knowledge.

In France VAT is known as “Taxe sur la Valeur Ajoutée” or “TVA”. TVA is integral to French economic growth; according to the Ministry of Economy, VAT contributes almost half of France’s tax revenue.

VAT Rates in France

20% Standard Rate: As of 2023, the Standard VAT rate in France is 20%; it is applied to most electronics, furniture, and luxury products. The standard Rate is also known as “Taux Norma” in France. 

Reduced VAT Rates: In France, Reduced vat rates are 10%, 5.5% and 2.1%. Reduced rates are commonly applied to food, medical, transportation, books, entertainment, and home renovation products. The Reduced Rate is known as “Taux Réduits.”

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VAT rates in france

French VAT History

VAT was first introduced in 1954 in France; there was only one VAT rate at that time. In 1968, France introduced a reduced VAT rate. The history of vat rates is given below.

YearStandard VAT Rate (%)Reduced VAT Rate (%)
19862010, 5.5
20232010, 5.5, 2.1

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