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Currently, the standard VAT rate in Germany is 19%, the reduced VAT rate is 9%, and some certain products & services have a 0% VAT rate. In Germany, VAT is known as “Umsatzsteuer”; the Umsatzsteuer is imposed on the final product or the service at each stage of the supply chain.

Calculating VAT manually can be complex and time-consuming; using the Germany VAT Calculator tool, you can calculate the VAT with a few clicks. This tool is designed to simplify the calculation process, eliminate the chance of error, and help individuals & business people save time.

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Products with 19% VAT Rate

Electronic AppliancesFurnitureToys
Books & Magzines Cosmetic ProductsSports Items

Products with 7% Reduced VAT Rate

Food Items Medical AidsCraftsmanship Services
Public TransportWater SuppliesEntertainment Services

Products with 0% Reduced VAT Rate

Postal ServicesEducational Services Medical Services
Export GoodsInsurance NGOs


How Germany VAT Calculator Works

Using the vat calculator Germany is very straightforward; all you need is the price of the product or service and the VAT rate that is applied to that product, whether it is a 19% standard rate or a 7% reduced rate. Once enter these two values then, you have to select the add or remove VAT option. Let’s understand this using an example.


To add the VAT, the following formula can be used. For example, if the VAT rate is 19%, and the product price is €100, then the total cost of the product, including VAT, would be €119.

VAT = price * (VAT rate / 100)

Remove VAT

To remove the VAT, the following formula will be used; for example, if the VAT rate is 7%, and the product price is €100, then the product’s total price excluding VAT would be €93.46.

price without VAT = price / (1 + VAT rate / 100)

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