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Want to calculate Italian standard VAT or reduced VAT? Use our free Italy VAT Calculator Tool to calculate it. VAT Plays an essential role in the tax system of Italy; it helps generate revenue for the government of Italy.

 In Italy VAT is also know as “Imposta sul Valore Aggiunto” or IVP. IVP is applied at each stage of the product or service production, and in the end, the consumer has to pay for it. If you are a non-EU resident and you make a purchase during your trip to Italy, you can claim the 13% to 15% VAT refund. 

VAT Rates in Italy

VAT Rates in Italy

Currently, there are three VAT rates applied in Italy. One is standard, and the other two are reduced. All three are mentioned below.

22% Standard VAT Rate: The current standard VAT rate in Italy is 22%; it applies to Electronic items, furniture, hotels, footwear, clothing, etc. 

10% Reduced VAT Rate: The first reduced VAT rate in Italy is 10%; it applies to a few medicines, books, magazines, etc.

4% Reduced VAT Rate: The second reduced VAT rate is 4% applied to specific medical equipment, TV, Radio, Food, ebooks, etc.

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