Malta VAT Calculator – [UPDATED]

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Malta VAT Calculator is a free online tool to add or remove VAT from the price of a product or service. There are a lot of VAT calculators available online. Some are free, and some are paid; our tool is 100% free.

Using the vat calculator malta requires a pre-VAT amount and vat rate. Once you enter the amount and vat rate, select the Include or Exclude VAT option and start calculating.

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VAT Rate in Malta

The current standard VAT rate in Malta is 18% reduced VAT rate is 7%; some products & services have a 5% vat rate in Malta. Some of the products mentioned below that has 18%,7%, and 5% vat rates.

Products with 18% VAT Rate

Food Clothing and footwear
Household goods
Personal care products
Motor vehicles
Restaurant mealsHotel accommodationBeverages

Products with 7% Reduced VAT

Sporting facilitiesCultural servicesPower Supply
Few Medical servicesPassenger transport servicesEligible accommodation

Products with Super Reduced 5% VAT

Few Medical AccessoriesConfectionery itemsprinted matter (including electronic publications)
Items used by disable personsAntiquesWork of art

Products with 0% VAT Rate

Dairy ProductsPrescribed Medicines Live Animals
Domestic Transport Gold BarsInternational Transport

Malta VAT


In conclusion, the Malta VAT calculator is a valuable tool for business purposes. This tool can solve complex queries and save time for individuals and businesspeople.

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