Reverse Vat Calculator – Backward VAT


A reverse VAT Calculator is a tool that calculates the original price of the product or service before VAT. It simplifies the calculation process and finds the amount of VAT added to the price of a product or service. You can find the original product price and VAT rate with a single click.

Backwards vat calculator is free, and anyone can use it; no prior knowledge is required. This tool eliminates the chances of error, saves the individual’s time, and ensures accuracy.

Reverse VAT Calculator Formula

Our vat calculator uses the following formula to calculate the rate. It takes the total price of the product (including VAT) and subtracts the amount of the VAT that has been added.

Reverse VAT = Price / (1 + VAT percentage)

For example, the product’s price is 200, and the standard VAT rate is 20%. Then the original product excluding VAT would be 166.67, and the VAT amount will be 33.33

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How to use the Backwards Vat Calculator

Our tool requires two things to start the calculation, the first one is the price of the product or service, including VAT, and the second thing is the VAT rate. Different countries have different vat rates; enter the applicable vat rate in your region.

The tool will instantly provide the original price when you enter the vat rate and product price. Using vat calculator reverse tool also saves you money; for example, if you have to do complex calculations, you can easily do this using this free tool. You don’t have to hire anyone, or you don’t have to purchase any software.


In conclusion, the Reverse VAT calculator is valuable for business people and individuals. It simplifies the process of calculation, calculates the original price of the product and the total amount of VAT, ensures accuracy and

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