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Want to Calculate Ethiopia VAT? With our Free VAT Calculator Ethiopia tool, you can solve complex calculation problems. To use the VAT, enter the pre-vat product or service price, set the VAT rate if you want, and choose the “add vat” or “remove vat” option.

VAT Plays an essential role in the economy of Ethiopia. VAT or Value Added Tax applies to the services and products at each stage of the production of the product.

VAT Rates in Ethiopia

Ethiopia has only one VAT rate, a 15% Standard VAT rate. However, some products and services are subjected to zero percent VAT.

15% VAT Rate: As of 2023 ethiopian vat rate is 15% applied to processed food, electronics, vehicles, soft drinks, snacks, etc. 

Zero VAT: There are few products and services that are subjected to 0% VAT, including educational services, medical services, books & export goods. 

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VAT History in Ethiopia

Ethiopia first introduced VAT in 2003. At that time VAT rate was 10%, and later it was increased to 15%. The table of VAT history is mentioned below.

YearVAT Rate %

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