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Modern VAT Calculator

VAT is a relatively new taxation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, first introduced in 2018. To Calculate KSA VAT, we have introduced the VAT Calculator KSA which has simplified the calculation process and saved the time of individuals and business people.

In Saudi Arabia, VAT is known as “ضريبة القيمة المضافة” pronounced as “Dhribat Al-Qeemah Al-Mudafah.” 

VAT Rates in KSA

15% VAT Rate: The Current standard VAT rate in KSA is 15%; it is applied to educational services, food, beverages, transportation, insurance etc.

Zero VAT: In KSA, few products or services are subjected to 0% VAT; these products or services include the Supply of Silver, Gold, Diamond, Export, International Transport Etc.

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VAT History in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, VAT was first introduced in 2018 with the Standard VAT rate of 5%; later, due to the COVID crisis, KSA increased the standard VAT Rate from 5% to 15%.


In Conclusion, VAT plays an essential role in the economic growth of KSA, helping reduce their dependence on oil. With our user-friendly vat calculator saudi arabia, individuals and business people can save time and ease the calculation process.

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