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Want to calculate the Netherlands’ VAT? Using our free vat calculator Netherlands, you can calculate the VAT of any product or service. Calculating VAT for multiple products or services can be time-consuming and complex; this calculator helps you save time and simplify the calculation process. 

In the Netherlands, VAT is called “Belasting over de Toegevoegde Waarde” (BTW), commonly called BTW. Using Vat Calculator Netherlands ensures that the calculated amount is accurate and there is no chance of error in the calculation. 

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VAT Calculator Netherland

VAT Rates in Netherlands

Like any other country, VAT plays a vital role in the economy of the Netherlands; 21% is the current standard rate applied to most products & services. The reduced VAT rate is 9% applied to some services and products.

21% VAT Rate: The current standard VAT rate in the Netherlands is 21%; products or services like electronics, furniture, hotel accommodation, restaurants, sports clubs, etc., have a standard 21% VAT rate.

9% Reduced VAT Rate: In the Netherlands, some products are subjected to a 9% reduced VAT rate; products like food, newspapers, magazines, public transport, cultural events, etc, have a 9% reduced VAT.

0% VAT Rate: Some products and services are subjected to 0% VAT; these products or services include international transport, medical services, finance service, etc.


In conclusion, the dutch VAT calculator can be a handy tool for businesspeople. They can do the calculation with just a few clicks.

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