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Want to calculate Northern Ireland’s VAT? With the help of the online VAT Calculator Northern Ireland, you can simplify the process of calculation and can save time. Using these calculators ensures that your calculated VAT is accurate. 

There are many calculators available online. Some are free, and some are paid; you can use any tool; make sure that the tool is up-to-date and accurate. By entering the price of the product or service, you can calculate the Northern Irelands vat with one click.

VAT Rates in Northern Ireland

Like the UK, Northern Ireland also has the standard 20% VAT rate, and the reduced vat rate in Northern Ireland is 5%. VAT plays an essential role in the economy of Northern Ireland; the tax system applied in Northern Ireland is the same as applied in the UK. Some of the products mentioned below have 20% and 5% vat rates in Northern Ireland.

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20% VAT Rate products in Northern Ireland

Clothing, Furniture, AppliancesRestaurant meals
Online services such as streaming subscriptions Hotel accommodations

5% VAT Rate products in Northern Ireland

Power services like electricity Children’s Car Seat
Sanitary productsEnergy saving materials

Also, there are many services and products with 0% VAT in Northern Ireland; some products or services are educational services, healthcare services etc.

VAT rates in Northern Ireland


In conclusion, northern ireland VAT calculator can benefit individuals and business people who have to calculate vat for different products and services; it can also help you avoid making mistakes.

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