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Want to calculate Scotland’s VAT? Calculating VAT can be complex and time-consuming, mainly when calculating VAT for more than one product. Fortunately, there is an online VAT calculator Scotland available, which eases the process of calculations and saves the time of an individual or business person.

Scotland VAT Calculator not only saves time but also provides flexibility and accuracy. Users can set the VAT rate and add or remove vat depending on their requirements. For example, if you want to calculate 5% VAT, you can easily select the VAT rate of 5% and start calculating.

VAT Rate in Scotland

Scotland has a current vat rate of 20% same as the UK. Scotland has no authority to set their VAT rate; UK officials set the standard VAT rate of Scotland, that’s why Scotland and the UK have the same VAT rate.

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Reduced VAT Rate 5%

Certain products in Scotland have a reduced VAT rate of 5%. This rate applies to children’s car seats, aids for older people, power sector products, Sanitary products, and energy-saving products.

Zero VAT Rate

Same as the UK, some products and services have 0% VAT; these specific products are food items, dairy products, tea/coffee, medical equipment, books, magazines, and education services.


There are a few products that are not subject to VAT at all. From their production to supply, VAT will not be charged. A few products or services are healthcare services, fundraising, insurance, and education training.

How to use Scotland VAT Calculator

Our Scotland VAT Calculator is simple, user-friendly, and accurate; it works on the formula: VAT amount = VAT rate x Taxable amount. Follow the following steps to use the tool more efficiently.

Enter the taxable amount: First, enter the taxable amount in the amount section. For example, if you want to calculate VAT of £100, enter £100 in the amount section.

Set the VAT rate: Second thing you have to do is to set the VAT rate. Scotland’s VAT rate is 20%, so put it to 20.

Select Include or Exclude: Third, you have to select whether you want to remove or add the VAT from the taxable amount. If you add the vat, select the include option; if you want to remove the VAT, select the exclude option.

Once you set all three options, hit the calculate button, and you’ll get the desired result with just one click.


In conclusion, VAT Calculator Scotland is a practical, efficient tool that helps business persons and individuals to calculate VAT with just a few clicks. Before selecting the VAT calculator, check whether the calculator is accurate and up to date. Make sure to select the one that is accurate and up to date.

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