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Want to calculate Spain’s VAT? With our free vat calculator Spain tool, you can add or remove vat from the product or service’s price. VAT is commonly known as “Impuesto sobre el Valor Añadido” or IVA in Spanish.

VAT Plays a vital role in the economic growth of Spain; it is applied to most of the products and services at each stage f their production. Ultimately it is paid by the customer.

Vat Rates in Spain

Over time VAT rate changes; as of 2023, there are three VAT rates in Spain first one is the standard VAT rate which is 21%; the second is reduced, which is 10%; and there one is super reduced or reduced, which is 4%.

21% Standard Rate: Standard rate, also known as “Tipo general” in Spain, is applied to Books, Dental Services, TV licenses, Clothing, certain medical services etc. 

10% Reduced VAT: Reduced VAT is applied to Entertainment services, public transport, restaurants, and hotel accommodation.

4% Super Reduced VAT: Reduced or Super reduced VAT is applied to newspapers, certain medicines, and certain food items. 

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Benefits of Using Spain Vat Calculator

Using the spain vat calculator has many benefits; Our tool is 100% accurate, eliminating the error of Mistakes and ensuring that you calculate the correct amount. Moreover, it saves you much time in manual calculations and automates the process.

Spain VAT History

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