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Before 2017 there was no value-added tax in UAE; VAT was first introduced in 2017 in UAE. UAE introduced VAT at the rate of 5% till now, which is 5%. We have introduced the VAT Calculator UAE to help business people and individuals in UAE.

Dubai VAT Calculator allows individuals and business persons to calculate the VAT accurately; our calculator is user-friendly. Anyone can use it without any prior knowledge.

VAT Rates in UAE

The standard VAT rate in UAE is 5%. However, a few products and services are subjected to a reduced VAT rate of 0%.

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5% VAT Rate: Following are products & services subject to 5% VAT in UAE.

  • Clothing, Furniture, Electronics
  • Entertainment, Hotel Accommodation.
  • Internet Packages, Mobile Phone Services.
  • Laptops, Mobiles, Tablets.
  • Public Transportation, Taxi fares.

0% VAT Rate: In UAE, the reduced VAT rate is 0%; it is applied to specific products and goods, these include educational or health services and export items.

Exempt: Exempt means that there is no VAT applied to the product or service. These products or services include residential properties, local passengers, etc.


How to use UAE Vat Calculator

The UAE VAT Calculator is easy to use; our tool is 100% free and user-friendly. Anyone can use it. Still, if you need to learn, follow the following steps.

– Fi.rst, you need to enter the amount of the product or service.

– You can set the VAT rate, as the VAT rate in UAE is 5%, so it is already set to 5%; if you want to increase or decrease, you can do that.

– You have to select “Add or Remove VAT”; for example, if the product price is 100 AED and the VAT rate is 5%, choose the add VAT option, which will give you the cost of the product, including VAT.

Similarly, if you want to subtract the VAT from the product price or service, you should select the “Remove VAT” option to remove the VAT from the given amount.


In conclusion, VAT plays an integral part in the UAE tax system; with the help of an online UAE vat calculator, you can accurately calculate the VAT amount. Moreover, you can change the VAT rate and set it according to your choice. Also, you can choose two options add or remove VAT.

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