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Want to Calculate Zambia’s VAT? VAT Calculator Zambia tool is a free online calculator to ease the calculation process and ensure accuracy.

Companies generating more than K800,000 per year must register for VAT. There is no VAT on e-services providers, even if your business generates more than K800,000 in revenue annually.

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VAT Rates in Zambia

Zambia’s standard VAT rate is 16%, applied to products and services. This standard rate is generally applied to import goods in Zambia. However, exported goods from Zambia are subjected to 0% VAT.

Using our VAT Calculator Zambia’s tool, you can set the VAT rate of your choice; it can be a standard 16% VAT or any other rate. You can also select the Add or Remove VAT option.

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Value Added Tax History

VAT was first introduced in Zambia in 1995, replacing the Sales Tax. The main purpose was to generate revenue and improve the tax system. At the time, the VAT rate was 17.5%. The history of VAT in Zambia is mentioned below

YearVAT Rate

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